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Parasport has been designed to inspire, educate, inform and signpost disabled people, and those interested in disability sport, to high quality opportunities.

Parasport is a joint initiative between the British Paralympic Association (BPA) and the professional services firm Deloitte.

Parasport aims to make it easier for members of the public to take up disability sport by providing information about sports and sporting opportunities in local areas.

Parasport is for everyone, regardless of whether you want to participate recreationally or competitively. Maybe you want to take up a sport in order to get active, or maybe you have ambitions of representing Great Britain… Whatever your aim, Parasport can help you find a local club so that you can get involved.  For more details and further information please visit the official website.



WheelPower is creating life changing opportunities through sport.

WheelPower promotes equality of opportunity in sport for all people with physical disabilities by:

  • Organising fun, introductory and competitive events for children and adults with disabilities aiming to increase the number of disabled people who actively participate in sports and physical activity on a regular basis
  • Provide sporting experiences where talented young disabled people are offered quality coaching in appropriate settings
  • Providing world leading facilities and opportunities to enable more people with disabilities to lead an active lifestyle
  • Supporting disability sports associations helping to create new clubs and give professional advice and support to improve existing clubs
  • Encourage and support the development of multi-sport and sport specific club opportunities within local communities
  • Support  for national disability sports events
  • Removing barriers to participation in sport in particular the provision of manual sports wheelchairs through the Wheel Appeal scheme
  • Encouraging mainstream sports and leisure organisations to include people with disabilities in their programmes
  • Developing and delivering educational courses for people with disabilities and in disability sport through SMISE to improve the quality and number of coaches, officials and volunteers within disability sport
  • Providing information and advice on disability sport
  • Work closely with the National Sports Organisations and other National Disability Sports Organisations to support their work in disability sport
  • Create working partnerships with organisations involved in sports within the UK working towards shared and specific objectives including Governing Bodies of Sport

For more details and further information please visit the official website.

London Handball Association is committed to ensuring that Handball is inclusive and adaptable to offer equal opportunities to all.  The European Handball Federation share the same commitment and have developed some competitive opportunities through Wheelchair Handball.  A full version of the official rules is available here.

If you would like to help us create more opportunities for disabled people please contact us.


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